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From : Your Host, Cindy Corbin

(New) A Year Without Sugar
Are you sick and tired? Like literally.
– Do you grapple with weight issues?
– Do you fight with various food and sugar addictions?
– Do you have trouble getting out of bed?
– Do you have poor energy levels?
– Do you struggle with diabetes, high blood pressure and other nasty stuff?

Discover the simple effective solution in this short eBook.

Simply Click the button below and get it!
Gift Value = $47

From : Guest Host, Brandon Bishop

How To Breathe Right To Live Longer
On average, our human body can go about 3 weeks without food,
3 days without water,but only 3 minutes without oxygen.

What if I tell you by changing your breathing, you can improve
your overall condition:

– boosts brain function
– improves recovery time
– cures anxiety issues
– fatigue
– sleep problems
– respiratory conditions
– controls weight gain issues
and many more…

Download This How To Breathe Right eBook Today
Gift Value = $67

From : Loretta Tifara

Living Fearlessly in Dangerous Times
How are things with you during current pandemic situation?
Are you wondering if you can have normal life again?
A life that you can go out without worrying getting infectious diseases.
A life that you can travel anywhere without being lockdown at home.
Perhaps, you are worried about your future, your finances, job, or provision.

If you are worried about it, you must download this eBook.
It will fortify and equip you during these times.

After reading it, you will learn how you can live fearless
Value = $47

From : Quantum Divinity

Your Wish is My Command
This allows you to tune into the Wisdom of Universe, Divine Intelligence and your soul.

It resonates inside your body, releases emotional blockages and expands your consciousness.

Let’s begin to attract and manifest your deepest wishes, dreams and desires.
Value = $97

From : World Of Alternatives

Do you want 4 FREE Meditation Downloads?
Alpha Meditation:
Zen meditation, visualization, memory, learning enhancement & de silva training.

Theta Meditation:
Astral projection, remote viewing, past life regression work and psychic activity.

Delta Meditation:
Shamanic trance, samadhi and clear light meditation, rebalancing of human growth hormones & DHEA in aging.

Epsilon Meditation:
Helps to coordinate left and right brain activity - creating A-HA states. Nirvanic & samhadhi experience, spiritual insight & Out of Body experiences.
Value = $80

From : Your Money Angel

Sacred Money Incantation MP3
You're about attract BIG money 🙂

You see, I'd like you to take part in an experiment.

I've created a special 15-minute audio MP3 for you.

It's called "Sacred Money Incantation".

Just by listening, you'll begin to attract financial windfalls like never before.

It's SO easy.

Available to you for FREE- Download Now!
Value = $97

From : jayden harrold

(2020) Abundance Awakening PDF
Abundance Awakening will guide you into a life that your truly desire"...

This in-depth ebook allows you to manifest your wildest and greatest dreams...

Embedded with secrets to be successful in life...

Once you start reading this book, you'll be guided step by step to Manifest Your Desire.

Master the secrets to the abundance of wealth, success, health and happiness. with “Abundance Awakening”

Download it now!
Value = $168

From : Zaki

Quantum Awakening
The brain is the most amazing organ in your body.
It contains memories, knowledge and part of it,
is where your mind sits.

Give yourself a chance to
- create new opportunities
- inculcate a new mindset
- grow during this pandemic

The World Is Healing


Learn to remap your mind with this gift.

\ Claim Your Free Gift Now /
because your fate has always been in your own hands
Value = $USD 39

From : Wilson Meyers

Success Principles
Do you have anyone around you who is struggling to survive?

The friend who can’t seem to catch a break…No matter how hard he works or how many avenues he pursues, he never glimpse success of those that seem to be on a daily winning streak…

Want to know the secret to speeding up your success?

=>Its Revealed In This Success Principles Book Here!
Value = $43.90

From : Dewey Goh

The Art Of Unshakeable Confidence


Value = $49.90

From : Escential Life Team

Beginner's Reference to Medicinal Herbs & Spices
We should always have on hand a number of herbs and spices as a natural first aid kit for life’s little health issues.

This eBook talks about 10 useful ones that will cover a range of conditions...

Download read about them...and...

- spices and herbs to add to your meals for natural weight loss
- 9 herbal medicines to treat mood disorders and emotional ups and downs
- 5000-year old practice for cleansing, purifying and balancing the human body

Download the eBook now!
Value = $87

From : The Universe

[NEW] Discover Your Soulmate Course
Isn’t it time to stop struggling to find
the LOVE you deserve?

To figure out what you want in a partner and go out there and GET IT?

To emerge from the past and build healthy new relationships?

Truly joyful, happy relationships have two people that know what they want in their partners. They know how to overcome the bumps in the road when they get to them.

They are FOCUSED on communication, intimacy, and keeping the sparks ALIVE.

Download Your Soulmates Course to Discover How! Usual $297
Value = $297

From : Ken Lim

Positive Meditation (Worth $39.00)

=> Banish All Negative Energy With This Melodic Track
=> Achieve Inner Peace And Connect With The Universe
=> Discover a Happier, Healthier And a More Successful YOU

Free Meditation Audio MP3 Worth $39.00

Grab Your Copy Today
Value = $39.00

From : Angel's Blessings

11:11 Mythical Astrology
The Universe Has A Message For You

To Let You Discover Your True Path and Destiny. So That You Can Unleash Your Hidden Strength and Potential.

What Does Your Sign Tells About Your Destiny?

Find Out Now!
Value = $107

From : Michael Darwin

Dear Ladies,
Do you feel like nothing you do seem to matter anymore
It is the constant feeling of low self esteem and low confidence that is getting your way of being the true woman you should become...
This is a program that you should sign up. it will take you a few weeks.
However this few weeks you spend reading and implementing this free resource i am about to give you will change and transform your life into a better one
Value = $388
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